Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The shots have started!!

Last night, I started my Enbrel shots. You should have been there to see how big of a wuss I was! I don't mind needles usually. Don't get me wrong, I do not ENJOY them, but they don't make me skittish or anything. These aren't even as bad as regular needles. It's a "single-use prefilled auto injector". Which means, it looks like a pen, and you just press the button and the needle pops out and you're done! Well, let me tell you...it's MUCH harder when you have to give one to yourself! I just couldn't handle being the one behind the wheel..so to speak! Andy said that he would gladly do it, but I wasn't too sure that would be any better! Haha!! So picture this....me, sitting in the living room, with Andy hovering over the top of me. Me holding a huge needle to my leg, whining that I just can't do it! Andy laughing and trying to press the top of the needle himself. Me, freaking out and trying to take it away from him. Then, after about 20 minutes of us laughing and fighting over who's going to inflect the pain on me, I finally do it! It wasn't that bad of course. It did sting, kinda like when you got your finger pricked as a kid, and then it ached and hurt a bit as the medicine went in. I have to do this every Monday night, so hopefully it won't be so hard to make myself do next time! Just another great thing about Monday's I guess!!


Mika said...

awww poor thing. I dislike needles. Nothing used to scare me until I had Cooper..Now I'm a big time wuss. BUT, I have seen my neice get these shots and take them like a champ. Makes us feel really wimpy, huh?! haha

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

You are a nerd...yes I pictured the whole event in my head and laughed out loud at it this morning!