Friday, February 27, 2009

I've got a fat kid.

Today was Porter's 6 month check-up. I went alone this need for Andy or mom's help I thought. I was right. He did great!

He weighs a whoppin 20 lbs 6 oz! He's in the 90% for his weight. I have a fat kid! Haha. He's 281/4 inches, and is in the 95% for height. So, I have a tall kid! I pretty much knew I did though... considering he's been wearing size 12 months since he was 5 months old! Goodness!

Then they did the dreaded shots! And Porter, screamed! He was good up until that part...haha. He screamed soooo loud and high pitched. It was really sad. As soon as he got into the truck, he was out. Traumatized. Poor thing!

Here's some recent pictures of my fat/tall kid!

See his rolls? Not sure what that expression is all about???

Ridin dirty

Sitting pretty! Nice red hair too!


Mika said...

He is stinkin cute! The first picture is my favorite. Looks like he's sayin.."what do you want?"

Mrs. Zachary Evans said...

Hannah, I read your's all the time. We have to read each others!

Jin said...

Too busy to blog or what?