Friday, December 19, 2008

My first time being tagged!!!!

Ok, so my bestest friend in the whole wide world just tagged me! Now I'm supposed to list some of my favorite Christmas traditions that I already have and some that I intend to start! Here we go....

1. Every year we put up our tree and decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving!

2. As soon as it's December, I start watching all of my favorite Christmas movies and listening to lots of festive tunes!

3. I buy a new ornament every year that has something to do with a special event that happened that year, and put the date on the back.

4. Sometime close to Christmas, we take a nice drive with hot chocolate, and look at all the Christmas lights!!

5. The weekend before Christmas we have our holiday party with my mom's side. We play the Chinese gift exchange! There's always some goofy presents in there, mixed with some really great ones!

6. In the past, we've always had a Christmas party with my parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, and nephew and nieces, on Christmas eve. It's always been my favorite party of the season, but I was always watching the clock because I had to leave early for my husband's family party. Don't get me wrong, I love his family as well, but I was always there thinking about how much fun MY family was having without me! But this year, they changed it to Christmas day so that we can stay the whole time!!!!! WOO HOO HOO!!!

7. On Christmas eve we go to his side of the family where we eat lots of amazing food, exchange presents, and read something from the bible. I always enjoy that part of the evening. It seems that most people lose the real meaning of Christmas, and it's nice to be reminded!

8. We love to end our night with the midnight mass at our church...which is really at 11:00pm these days..haha. I love this mass so much! The church is always dark and decorated with lots of Christmas trees and lights, and I just LOVE singing all the wonderful songs!!

9. Christmas morning we'll get up around 7:00 or 7:30, whenever mister Porter wakes us up with his sweet little babbles, and for the first time..we'll get to open presents with our great new addition!!!! I'm so excited to experience Porter's first Christmas with him, and I know that each year will only get better!

10. Around noon that day, we'll go to Andy's dad's for a great meal with just him and his girlfriend. It's a nice quiet afternoon!

11. And the star on top of our tree...haha.. ( I made that up) celebrating Christmas at my mom's house!! As I mentioned on #6 , this is my favorite! I love my family sooooo much and I just can't wait for this day! We drink lots of wine, and tend to get quite typsie....although, don't mention that to my mom or she'll quit drinking..haha...and then we eat until we just can't possibly eat anymore....but somehow we still do..haha! Then we all gathering around in the living room and open present upon present, until the room is covered in paper!!!! We always go over board! Everyone hangs out until the kids are all passed out, or too cranky to deal with anymore!!!! Christmas is the best time of the year for sure!!!!!

12. I was done, but have a little bit of OCD and can't end with an odd number, so let me just wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little catching up...

I haven't been posting lately, I know. I just felt like there was no one out there reading these, so why post more? Then Miss Mika found me, and I decided I needed to keep posting in order to get more bloggers to read anything! Silly me!

It's just been crazy busy here lately. Christmas shopping, wrapping, and everything else that comes along with this wonderful season!!!! It's hard to believe that in just a week, we'll be celebrating Christmas with the people that matter most to us! This is truly the best time of the year.

Tomorrow is Porter's 4 month check up. I look forward to seeing how much he weighs and how much longer he's gotten! I'm pretty sure he's tall for his age, due to the fact that most people comment on how much older he looks, and that he can't stay in his clothes very long! His feet stretch out his 3-6 month sleepers, so he'll be getting some bigger ones for Christmas for sure!

Saturday me and my husband will be finishing up our Christmas shopping. I got everyone else all finished, and everything wrapped, but I had to wait until Andy was free so we could shop for Porter! So Saturday we're leaving mister man with his Mama, and we're off to fight the crowds!!! We really aren't too sure what we'll be getting for him....there isn't much that he can play with right now, but we'll just plan ahead and get him things that he will soon be able to play with and enjoy! I know that I want to get him a wagon. One of those heavy duty plastic ones, that have seats and cup holders. Maybe even a canopy top. He'll be able to use that as soon as he can sit up! I also know we'll get him some clothes...I just LOVE to dress him up like a big boy. I've never been into the cutesy babyish clothes. Besides sleepers, I love to put Porter in things like his daddy wears..haha!

Then Sunday I'll be wrapping everything that I bought the day before, so I will be finished after that! We also have our family Christmas party to go to at 3:00 that day. It's my mom's side of the family, and we very much enjoy getting together with everyone!!!!

I'm glad I decided to post again. Sorry I left for so long! I hope to keep up more frequently from now on!!! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!